Jörg Dombrowe Sales Manager

Born and raised in Neumünster, Germany, Jörg came to Marbella in 1989 attracted by its great climate and multinational culture. In 1995, his involvement in the real estate sector began, when he saw real opportunities to help people to fulfil their dreams.

Fluent in German, English and Spanish, and being able to handle Dutch, Flemish, some Russian and Scandinavian languages, he is working with people of different nationalities and age groups, delivering the best results both to his customers and to the company.

Jörg is proud of having joined Drumelia, which he considers a professional, dynamic company with a customer-focused culture. As a sales manager, he is running the day-to-day sales operations, setting goals and achieving beyond them.

He describes himself as a team player and a problem-solver with “we can do it” attitude. Customer-oriented, Jörg is always willing to find solutions inside and outside the box. In his opinion, mind-set defines how you think, speak and act. If you believe you can reach your goals, you will achieve them. The results depend on your investing time and effort.

Jörg’s keywords are ‘honest’, ‘hardworking’ and ‘caring’. He is passionate about his work, family, German shepherds and bridge (which he plays semi-professional).

Jörg Dombrowe, Sales Manager in Drumelia
"Jörg finds motivational a quote of Napoleon Hill, who told that the mind of a person can achieve everything that it conceives and believes."
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