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Marbella East Fabulous Beachside Living

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Marbella East

A prestigious community situated amongst some of the best beaches on the coast, Marbella East is a hub of relaxation. Ranging through several areas, Marbella East has everything one may dream of. Through this in-depth guide, you will get familiarised with Marbella East and be informed on everything there is to know about this luxurious area and what life here is like.

What is Marbella East?

Marbella East is an area that covers several communities: Elviria, Las Chapas, Los Monteros, Marbesa, Bahía de Marbella and Cabopino all form part of Marbella East, amongst others. These zones run on the coast and the mountainside, surrounded by vast amounts of greenery.

This area has it all; whether you are looking for life by the beach, a hiker's paradise or a golfer's sanctuary, Marbella East is the place to be. The beaches in Marbella East are often considered the best due to their large size and clean sand. One can find golf courses in almost any suburb, and the geographical location allows for hikes in the mountains. Just a short drive away from the glamorous Puerto Banus and the traditional Marbella Old Town, Marbella East is rising in popularity. Read on to discover what makes life in Marbella East so special.

Marbella East, aerial photograph facing west of beachfront Marbella East

Where is Marbella East?

Marbella East encapsulates everything beyond Marbella Center and up until Cabopino. Its division with Marbella Center lies at the entrance arch, which reads 'Welcome to Marbella'. Marbella East lies along the A7 coastal road - the primary road that runs through the area - and extends both towards the beach and up into the mountains.

The AP-7 highway is also in proximity and allows for faster access to Malaga Airport and surrounding areas on the Coast. Some famous beach clubs in Marbella East include Nikki Beach, Trocadero Arena and Hippopotamus Beach.

There is a guide on our website on Marbella's prime locations for those who want to learn more about Marbella.

Marbella East Graohic Map showing distances from east and west points of Marbella East

The distances to other areas of Marbella will be calculated from two points of Marbella East, the most western, Las Chapas, and the most eastern, Cabopino.

Distance from Las Chapas:

  • Marbella Centre - 1.7km, 5-minute drive
  • Marbella Old Town (Casco Antiguo) - 2.6km, 9-minute drive
  • Estepona - 35km, 25-minute drive
  • Malaga Airport - 50km, 39-minute drive
  • Gibraltar Airport - 77km, 1-hour drive
  • Puerto Banus - 11km, 10-minute drive
  • San Pedro de Alcántara - 15km, 17-minute drive

Distance from Cabopino: 

  • Marbella Centre - 13km, 14-minute drive
  • Marbella Old Town (Casco Antiguo) - 14km, 19-minute drive
  • Estepona - 46km, 34-minute drive
  • Malaga Airport - 39km, 33-minute drive
  • Gibraltar Airport - 90km, 1-hour 8-minute drive
  • Puerto Banus - 23km, 19-minute drive
  • San Pedro de Alcántara - 27km, 26-minute drive

What is the history of Marbella East?

Marbella East is a long-standing area of Marbella. It was developed before other areas, such as Nueva Andalucia and San Pedro de Alcántara. Its history dates back to the 14th century when the Moores built a tower called 'Torre Ladrones' in the Cabopino Marina, a popular tourist site.

Some of Marbella's most iconic places were established in Marbella East. Among them is the acclaimed Nikki Beach, which was inaugurated in 2003 and has flourished since. The English International College (E.I.C.), one of Marbella's longest-running schools, is also located here. They were founded in 1982 and have extensive admission waitlists even today.

Photograph of torre de los ladrones in Cabopino, photo credit goes to the Marbella Town Hall
Torre de los Ladrones - Ayuntamiento de Marbella (

How big is Marbella East?

Marbella East covers a substantial piece of land, ranging to a coastal length of about 12 km, from Marbella Centre to Cabopino. Many zones fall under the title of Marbella East. However, it is still considered to be less densely populated than any other area. This is because residential zones are surrounded by large amounts of greenery, land and golf courses, especially in the Northside. The beachside, also called the Southside, holds many villas with extensive private gardens.

Marbella East Photo from Drone

How many sectors does Marbella East have? 

Marbella East is made up of 16 sectors. 

Rio Real and Rio Real Golf are located east of Marbella Center and revolve around the river that goes by the same name. It is home to the Rio Real Golf Course and the Trocadero Arena restaurant.

Los Monteros, Altos de Los Monteros and Los Monteros Playa are located just east of Rio Real. It is a prestigious beachside community that began its development after the construction of the Los Monteros Hotel in 1962. This area boasts many beach clubs, such as La Cabane and is home to the Hospital Costa del Sol.

Bahía de Marbella is a residential community established in 1995 and has flourished since. It is located across the road from Hospital Costa del Sol, has fantastic beach access, and its dunes are called Playa Alicante.

El Rosario is a perfect location if you are looking for a quiet yet want to be close to Marbella's liveliness. Situated just after Los Monteros, the area holds a mix of luxury villas and apartment complexes. The stretch of golden sand and clear blue seas is within minutes.

Santa Clara is a relatively new, prestigious community where you can find the property of your dreams. Home to the Santa Clara Golf Club, it is a popular destination for those seeking to indulge in one of the best golf clubs on the coast.

La Morera is a tremendous beachside residential area just steps away from Los Monteros. It is incredibly close to Marbella Center, merely a few minutes' drive, and properties boast luxury apartments on the front line of the coast.

Las Chapas is located just after the exit from Marbella. It is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in life by the beach, as this area has some of the best beaches in Marbella. This neighbourhood is home to Nikki Beach, making it a luxurious one.

Elviria is located about 6km from the Marbella Old Town. It is a beautiful community with many amenities to boast, amongst which are the Royal Tennis Club and the English International College.

La Mairena begins where Elviria ends. It is a hilltop residential area that offers outstanding panoramic views of the coast and the Spanish mountainside. Its development began in 1987 and is an ideal place to purchase modern properties.

Costabella is a stunning beachside community just steps away from Siroko Beach, a favourite amongst locals. It comprises several stand-alone villas, and its unparalleled beach access attracts many.

Marbesa is situated just east of Elviria and La Mairena, hosting a variety of villas and luxury apartment complexes that lead down to the beach. Most properties enjoy sea views and are minutes away from the beautiful Marbella East sands.

Cabopino is a quieter area, which is perfect for families. One can find the authentic Mediterranean style in properties within this area, and the Cabopino Marina is a great place to spend time in. It is filled with restaurants, bars, and a lovely, cosy beach.

Cabo Royale is a new villa located on Mijas's border, just after Cabopino. It is located 400 metres from the beach, thus making it an exclusive and sought-after property.

How many houses are in Marbella East?

It is hard to define how many houses are in Marbella East due to its vast geographical location and the number of sectors within the area. However, there is an incredible variety of properties. From frontline beach villas and bungalows to modern apartments and penthouses, Marbella East fits all tastes and budgets.

You can look at our website to see what properties we have listed in Marbella East.

What style of homes can you find in Marbella East?

Marbella East has been around for many years, with its development beginning earlier than that of Marbella West. Due to this, homes usually boast a traditional Mediterranean style, with arches, enclosed outdoor spaces and red roof tiles. Villas closer to the beach are often constructed in such a style. However, those surrounding golf courses have started to become more modern, with a white colour palette and sharp edges.

It has become a tendency to purchase older homes and remodel them to a more contemporary architectural style, which is why many areas of Marbella East hold modern properties. However, more modern properties have surged around the area in recent years, increasing Marbella East's popularity. Apartments and penthouses are also popular here, as the beachside leaves little plots for newer constructions.

Examples of styles of properties that can be found in Marbella East

How much does it cost to buy a house in Marbella East?

Despite its development dating back many years, Marbella East is still rising. It is becoming an increasingly popular area to reside in due to its fantastic amenities and proximity to Marbella attractions. However, the area is large. Thus the following prices are generalised to fit the whole area. It is important to note that the further away from Marbella and the centre of Marbella East, the lower the price of properties becomes.

For an apartment, the estimate is of €150,000 to €1,000,000. The price depends on the location and size of the property. There are exceptions, such as a penthouse in La Morera valued at over  €4,000,000.

To buy a house, costs range from €1,000,000 to €12,000,000, once again with exceptions.

Graphic displaying the pricing of properties in the Marbella East Area. The average price of a home is between 2-3 million euros.

How much does it cost to buy a plot in Marbella East?

Plot prices vary in Marbella East; the further away you are, the cheaper the plot is. Also, factors such as location and size affect the price. However, on an estimate, the price for a plot is between €300,000 and €1,000,000. Some exceptions include plots being over €1,000,000, depending on the area.

For instance, in the Marbesa and Cabopino areas, plots are of around 700 to 1.100m2. In Las Chapas, one can expect to find larger plots, for the most part. These range from 1.500m2 to 3.000m2.

Does Marbella East have sea views?

As Marbella East boasts a long stretch of shoreline, many homes have quick access to the beach, guaranteeing sea views. The beach is your garden, transporting you to a world of serenity. Within a minute, you will find yourself amongst the best beaches Marbella offers. For those living in the hills of Marbella East, a beautiful panoramic view opens up of the greenery and the coast, where even Africa can be seen in the far distance. The mountain views are spectacular, transporting you to the essence of southern Spain. All in all, sea views in Marbella East are accessible from most homes.

Sea views from a property located frontline beach in Marbella East
Sea Views from a frontline beach property in Los Monteros Playa

Is Marbella East a popular place to live?

Due to the range of amenities and the area's development, Marbella East has become increasingly popular. The great choice of restaurants and sports activities draws families in, as well as the prestigious schools that cover the area.

It is also very well-connected, Malaga Airport being merely a 25-minute drive away and the A7 coastal road at your doorstep. Within minutes, you can find yourself in Marbella's most exclusive areas, experiencing the vast activities that life in Marbella presents.

Further, the main hospital of the coast, Costa del Sol Hospital, is located here, giving residents peace of mind and hassle-free care. There are also many private clinics and dentists throughout Marbella East.

In recent years, Marbella East has developed into a luxurious community, with hotels such as Four Seasons and the W in the works. Properties have also experienced an up-scaling, with more modern villas and apartments being built and sold.

What is there to do in Marbella East?

Marbella East is conveniently located a short drive away from the hotspots of Marbella, such as Puerto Banus and the Golden Mile. However, many activities in Marbella East fit for any taste. 

Restaurants in Marbella East

Regarding gastronomy, Marbella East is filled with traditional and modern cuisines. If you want to enjoy fast Spanish food by the beach, many chiringuitos are at your disposal.

Siroko Beach, which lies on Las Chapas Beach, is an excellent option for a romantic meal; live music and a glamorous menu, including oysters and shrimp carpaccio, are offered. For a relaxed feel, a great place for families is Chiringuito Los Tony's. The menu includes a choice of various paellas and other traditional Mediterranean foods.

For a more upscale experience, some of the best beach clubs in Marbella have established their homes here. Nikki Beach is amongst these, a world-known franchise with incredible food and a lovely ambience. In recent years, La Plage Casanis has opened its doors with a modern dining experience right on the beach and sunset DJ sessions. Where luxury meets relaxation, making way to one of the best beach clubs in Marbella.

Nosso Summer Club is a relatively new addition to Marbella’s beach club scene. Adorned with a bohemian design, this Marbella East beach club is a place to unwind and relish the scenery. Guests have the choice of simply dining in their lovely restaurant, or enjoying the beach club, or both! With many events such as live music and DJ Sessions, this is the new place to be.

Trocadero Arena is the go-to for a relaxed evening at the beautiful shore of Rio Real, with an extensive menu with options such as Italian Cuisine and a Sushi Bar. This is an excellent place for families, as the younger ones can enjoy the soft sands and splash around in the sea.

La Cabane restaurant pool and sea view in Marbella East
La Cabane Restaurant (

La Cabane Beach Club by Dolce & Gabbana is an elegant beach club with pool and beach access. Children are also welcome, which allows for a laid-back day with your loved ones. During summer, reservations are required as these places fill up extremely fast.

Opium Beach Club has become a famous destination for worldwide DJ's and artists. During the day, the beach club hosts a variety of themed events, and at night it transforms into a club, transporting you to what feels like heaven; you dance the night away with magnificent sea views.

Our website has an article that can give you more information on the best restaurants in Marbella to enjoy.

Golf in Marbella East

It is no surprise that this area was nicknamed ‘Costa Del Golf’ because Marbella East is a paradise for golf lovers. It is home to Rio Real Golf Club, Santa Clara Golf, Marbella Golf and Country Club, Greenlife Golf and Cabopino Golf. So if you’re looking for golf in Marbella, the options are endless.

Drone shot of a golf course in Marbella East

The Rio Real Golf Club boasts a Par 72 18-hole course over 6,000 metres long. It runs alongside the Rio Real river, where its name comes from. The river is also an integral part of the course. It was designed by Javier Arana and opened in 1965. This Golf course is considered one of the best in Spain by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. There is also a Golf Academy on-site, run by Sergio de Cespedes. They have an Amigo Card membership card, which allows for several perks. Prices can be consulted on their website.

The Santa Clara Golf Club has a Par 71 18-hole course running 5,922 metres long. It was designed by Enrique Canales Busquet and opened in 1987. They also organise several tournaments, such as their latest La Pollinica Tournament, which had a participation cost of 80€. Memberships are available at various prices, which you can find on their website.

The Marbella Golf and Country Club hosts a par 70, 6-608 yard golf course designed by Jay Morrish and Tom Weiskopf. Several golf tournaments are organised yearly, and a Golf Academy is also available. In terms of membership options, they offer a Golf membership, a Sports membership (which grants access to their tennis facilities, fitness centre, pool and Clubhouse), and a Social membership. You can apply online via their website.

The Greenlife Golf Club is a par-3 course with 9 holes available, born in 2000. This golf course is perfect for beginners as it is a straightforward one. The Club also holds a fitness centre, pro shop and two tennis courts.

The Cabopino Golf Club is an 18-hole course designed by Juan Ligues Creus and was established in 2001. The longest hole ranges to 456 metres par 5. Cabopino Golf Club also hosts many tournaments and events throughout the year. For more information, you can visit their website.

You can read our blog to learn more about the 13 best golf courses in Marbella.

Marbella East Beaches

Marbella East boasts some of the most stunning beaches along the Mediterranean coast, with golden sands and clear blue waters. Popular beaches include:

  • Playa de la Alicate: a well-maintained beach with soft golden sand and calm waters, making it ideal for families with children. It offers a range of facilities, including sun loungers, beach bars (chiringuitos), and water sports activities.
  • Playa Real de Zaragoza: a picturesque beach between sand dunes and pine trees with a natural and unspoiled setting. It's known for its peaceful ambiance, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds.
  • Playa Artola (Cabo Pino): technically located just outside of Marbella East, Playa Artola in Cabo Pino is worth mentioning for its natural beauty and unique landscapes. It features a protected dune system and is popular for its nudist-friendly section.

Nearby nature reserves like Dunas de Artola-Cabopino and Los Monteros offer protected areas of natural beauty, with sand dunes, pine forests, and coastal ecosystems teeming with wildlife.

Beach Walks

Cabopino to Marbesa: Begin your beach walk at Cabopino Marina and follow the coastline eastward towards Marbesa. This scenic route takes you along approximately 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) of coastline, passing by Playa de Cabopino and several quieter beaches.

Los Monteros to Elviria: Start your walk at Los Monteros beach and head towards Elviria. This stretch of coastline spans around 5 kilometers (3.11 miles), offering a mix of sandy beaches and rocky coves. Along the way, you'll pass by Playa de Los Monteros and Playa Real de Zaragoza.

Sports in Marbella East

The Royal Tennis Club Marbella, located in El Rosario, holds a gym, tennis courts, padel courts, and a swimming pool. When it comes to watersports, you need not worry. The Puerto Deportivo de Cabopino, a beautiful little marina, is home to many surf, kitesurf schools and other water sports. Additionally, one can find water sport stations along most Marbella East beaches.

Man on zip line in Aventura Amazonia Park in Elviria, Marbella East
Aventura Amazonia in Elviria, Marbella East (

The adventure park Aventura Amazonia is an excellent choice for the younger ones. Located only 500m from the beach, you are transported into a pine forest where you can feel like Indiana Jones. Flying through the 20 zip lines and completing six circuits in the trees is a fun way to spend your weekend. Adults can tag along too, and are guaranteed a good time! The beach is home to a floating obstacle course in the summer, where children love to bounce the day away.

We have an article on making the most of the outdoors in Marbella available on our website.

Shopping in Marbella East

Two great shopping centres lay close to Marbella East, with a wide range of stores.

La Cañada shopping centre is the largest on the Costa Del Sol, being positioned just above the AP-7 road, thus being easily accessible from both directions - whether you're coming from Puerto Banus or Marbella East. It is home to over 150 shops, amongst which Zara, Victoria's Secret, Hollister, Sephora and the Apple Store are included. There is also a wide array of gastronomic options. If you are looking for a restaurant setting, La Pappardella serves tasty Italian dishes and The Sushi Bar for various Japanese bites. Additionally, there are various fast food options, such as Mcdonald's, Starbucks and TacoBell, for a quick and delicious meal. There is also a cinema showing movies both in English and Spanish.

La Cañada Shopping Centre in Marbella, photograph of the mail hall.
La Cañada Shopping Centre (

Miramar Shopping Centre is located closer to western Marbella East, on the road towards Fuengirola. It sits just above the A-7 coastal road and has over 140 shops, such as Guess, Vans, Levi's and Primark. There are also many entertainment options, such as Karting, Virtual Reality and a 12-screen cinema. Miramar also hosts a children's club if you want to leave your kids in a fun, supervised setting while doing your retail therapy. Regarding food options, PadThaiWok is a favourite amongst visitors and Tagliatella. Starbucks, Subway and Burger King can also be found, amongst many others.

We have a guide to shopping in Marbella available on our website.

How is life like for kids in Marbella East?

Many families choose Marbella East as their home due to the safe and enriching life this area provides for their kids. Being a short distance away from some of the best schools on the coast, with the choice of education in Spanish, English or German, as well as being close to a range of sporting clubs where children can enjoy tennis, golf, or water sports is essential for those raising families.

Safety is a priority, and Marbella East is heavily pedestrianised, which allows children to roam around or go cycling without parents worrying about danger. Its proximity to the beach also calls for popularity; during summer, children can splash around in the water all day.

Education is an important factor when considering a place to reside in. Marbella East is populated by several high-ranked schools, with education being offered in various languages, making life in Marbella East for kids well rounded and productive.

Schools in Marbella East.

Marbella East hosts The English International College (EIC), which offers education for children ages 3 to 18. It was founded in 1982 and has become a favourite amongst families due to its rigorous pedagogy and outstanding results. The school follows a British Curriculum and is one of the few schools in Marbella offering A-levels for Sixth Form Students.

Colegio Alborán also lies in Marbella East - particularly in Elviria. It is a private, bilingual school for children ages 3 to 18, with a choice of education in Spanish or English. Alborán is a favourite as the grounds are extensive and even have their own Equestrian Centre and outdoor sports facilities like Swimming and Baseball.

Las Chapas Girls School, a private bilingual school located in Elviria, and its sister school, ECOS Boys School, can also be found nearby. The German International School, which also offers a boarding option, is situated in La Mairena and is for children ages 3 to 18. Many public Spanish schools cover Marbella East, so this wide choice makes this area popular amongst families.

Aerial photograph of the English International College in Marbella East
The English International College in Marbella East (

Marbella also offers a variety of different schooling options, which are located near Marbella East.

Distance from Las Chapas: 

  • Swans International Primary School: 7.5km, 9-minute drive
  • Swans International Secondary School: 7.6km, 9-minute drive
  • Aloha College: 11km, 14-minute drive
  • The British School of Marbella: 5.9km, 6-minute drive
  • Laude: 15km, 13-minute drive
  • Colegio San Jose - 16km, 13-minute drive
  • Sotogrande (boarding and day school): 62km, 41-minute drive

Distance from Cabopino: 

  • Swans International Primary School: 19km, 18-minute drive
  • Swans International Secondary School: 19km, 18-minute drive
  • Aloha College: 23km, 23-minute drive
  • The British School of Marbella: 17km, 15-minute drive
  • Laude: 26km, 22-minute drive
  • Colegio San Jose - 41km, 34-minute drive
  • Sotogrande (boarding and day school): 73km, 50-minute drive

To learn more about education in Marbella, check out the article on our website.

How close is Marbella East to Marbella and its amenities?

Marbella East is an oasis of its own, with everyone one may need to lead a comfortable life at your disposal. Many supermarkets are located around Marbella East, such as SuperCor and Mercadona, and you can find a range of services as you drive along the A-7 in Marbella East. These include dentists, private health centres, lawyers, interior designers…

Marbella's landmarks are also nearby, allowing for an easy escape to the bustling lights of Puerto Banus and the bubbly nightlife of the luxurious Golden Mile. Needless to say, by living in Marbella East you are opening yourself up to a new wave of experiences.

Marbella East Entrance to Marbella City with the famous "Welcome to Marbella" Sign

Distance from Las Chapas:

  • Marbella Golden Mile - 8.3km, 9-minute drive
  • Marbella Centre - 1.7km, 5-minute drive
  • Nueva Andalucia - 11km, 9-minute drive
  • Puerto Banus - 11km, 10-minute drive
  • Estepona - 35km, 24-minute drive
  • Malaga Airport - 50km, 39-minute drive
  • Gibraltar Airport - 77km, 1-hour drive

Distance from Cabopino:

  • Marbella Golden Mile - 20km, 18-minute drive
  • Marbella Centre - 13km, 14-minute drive
  • Nueva Andalucia - 23km, 19-minute drive
  • Puerto Banus - 23km, 19-minute drive
  • Estepona - 46km, 34-minute drive
  • Malaga Airport - 39km, 33-minute drive
  • Gibraltar Airport - 90km, 1-hour 8-minute drive

Who lives in Marbella East?

Many well-known figures are drawn to the charm of Marbella and often purchase properties here. One of Marbella's favourites, the native Antonio Banderas, owns a beachfront home in Los Monteros. Simon Cowell, the English TV personality, chose Marbella East as the destination for X-Factor rounds many years ago.

What are the most famous houses in Marbella East?

A Drumelia Exclusive, Villa Sapphire is a modern mansion in Los Monteros, a beachside property that boasts elegance and exclusivity with stunning sea views. Having its own 24-hour security, it is a prime example of the beautiful properties you can find in Marbella East. For more information, you can check out the property tour below.

Marbella East

Another beautiful property is Villa Melana, located in Los Altos de Los Monteros is selling for a bit over €5M. It is a villa with panoramic sea views set on a plot of 1.700 m², boasting 3 floors and 7 bedrooms with private terraces open to incredible sea views. For more information, you can check out the property below.

Only 100 metres from the beach, Villa Caribe can be described as cozy and charming. With a plot that is remarkably large for this particular area, this villa is nestled amongst greenery. Andalusian charm can be found in this slice of heaven. See more details here.

Is Marbella East safe?

Marbella East is considered a safe area because it is a residential community. Many smaller urbanisations within Marbella East have private security guards that patrol the grounds and the latest home security systems available to purchase in Marbella. Many beach clubs also have security guards, and the Marbella police station is merely minutes away. This area is heavily pedestrianised, with many speed limits in place to control traffic, making it a safe space to walk around.

We have an article on our website that informs you about security and safety in Marbella if you want to learn more.

Which is the leading agency in Marbella East?

Drumelia is the top real estate firm in Marbella and has many years of experience helping buyers and vendors with their properties in Marbella East. We are here to assist with your search and ready to guide you through your purchase or sale process.

Besides leading Marbella's luxury real estate market, Drumelia is also an expert in helping clients buy and sell high-end real estate in Marbella East. Drumelia is here to help you throughout the Marbella East region's full sale or purchase process. If you want to buy, we will guide you from finding the best plot to sourcing the perfect property to purchase with the help of our extensive database. If you want to sell, then Drumelia can provide you with a global reach through our unparalleled marketing strategies and online presence, not to mention clients who are actively interested in purchasing a property in Marbella East.

You can read more about Drumelia's record sales and Drumelia marketing strategies on our blog.

Fun Facts about Marbella East

  • The Hospital de Costa del Sol was founded in 1993 and is considered one of the best-equipped hospitals on the coast.
  • The 'Torre de Ladrones', a tower dating back to Moorish times, translates to 'Tower of Thieves, as it was used as a watchtower.
  • One of Marbella's oldest schools, The English International College, is located in Elviria in Marbella East.
  • Antonio Banderas has a beachfront property in Marbella East.
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