Carmen Zambrana Castañeda Social Media Specialist

Born and raised in Marbella, Carmen moved to Madrid to study Journalism and Audio-visual Communication. Driven by her passion for the art of communication, she has always looked for the places to unleash her creativity. She contributed to an online magazine as well as directed podcasts, before transitioning to social media in the tourism sector. Currently, Carmen is studying for a Master in Digital Marketing.

In 2023, she joined Drumelia being fascinated by its audio-visual production and its thinking outside the box on a creative level, which appealed to her. She saw it as an opportunity to grow professionally and to surround herself with creative people to learn from and to share ideas.

Carmen is involved in social media management of producing and scheduling content in line with Drumelia's values and designed to grow and nurture an audience across social media platforms. Her duties include focusing on the personal brand development, supporting the marketing team from the perspective of social media communication, and developing email-marketing campaigns for our listings. She works in English and Spanish.

Always a storyteller and a consistent reader for as long as she can remember, Carmen has the power of story as an important tool in her arsenal. A well-rounded personality with many interests, she writes stories and edits videos, enjoys drawing, has a passion for gastronomy and travel, discovering the world along with its unique tapestry of flavours and artistic delights.

Her core value is empathy. Carmen believes it’s a key to making emotional connections with our target audience and to building strong relationships with her colleagues.

"If communication is a bridge between people, empathy is its foundation. As without empathy, communication becomes an empty, useless and selfish talk"
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