Julieta Seguin Creative Manager

Born and raised in Argentina, Julieta embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth in the University of Buenos Aires. Eager to broaden her horizons, later she relocated to Spain to immerse herself in its rich culture and advance her career.

Discovering her true passion, she delved into the world of real estate development funds in Madrid. Soon she found herself delivering captivating real estate photography and videos around the breath-taking Costa del Sol. Currently, Julieta contributes her creativity and expertise to Drumelia, where she has taken on the role of shaping the brand's creative direction.

Julieta’s strengths lie in her integrity, honesty, versatility and continuous learning. Working with a diverse team from various nationalities, she finds immense joy in effective collaboration towards a shared goal. A highly focussed professional, she delights in fostering an environment where everyone contributes, develops new skills and enjoys each day. At work, her key words are active listening, knowledge sharing and adaptability.

As for her personality traits, Julieta describes herself as decisive, open-minded, resourceful and resilient. She is curious, passionate and artistic. Her core values include courage, family, personal growth and gratitude. Julieta believes in shared success with loved ones, and takes pride in forging her own path to achieve dreams and goals.

Julieta Seguin - Drumelia Real Estate
"Julieta’s favourite quote belongs to Eduardo Galeano, and reflects the essence of her perspective: “In a world that confuses greatness with power, it's important to be able to look at the small things, which usually are not looked at, but deserve to be seen.”"
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