Ana Díaz Gómez Marketing Assistant

Born in Malaga province, Ana studied at Cádiz University, Spain, and Karlstad University, Sweden. She received a double degree in Marketing and Market Research + Advertising and Public Relations.

Ana held a position of a web design developer and content creator, and worked successfully in a Swedish marketing agency. However, she missed Spain and the Mediterranean lifestyle. No wonder, Marbella with its international environment became her perfect solution.
In Marbella, Ana was in charge of the listing department of a local real estate company and visited Open Houses. Fascinated and inspired by Drumelia’s communication and message development, she has chosen to become part of our project. Ana's passion for social media and the latest digital marketing trends, as well as her positive energy and desire to evolve professionally and personally within the company, made her a new member of Drumelia’s team. Being part of the marketing department, she is in charge of Newsletters, Website, Flyers, Marbella Index, social media support and Blogs.

She considers herself a hardworking, energetic and honest person with positive attitude and skills of solving problems and making decision. Sports shaped her character. Ana loves swimming and triathlon, which she started doing at a young age. As a high-performance athlete, she won regional competitions. Now, she trains just for fun.
Brave and curious, Ana likes discovering new things and learning about diverse cultures. She believes in the power of creativity, empathy and inherent goodness of people. She speaks Spanish, English and French fluently, and some Swedish.

Ana Diaz - Marketing Assistant in Drumelia Real Estate
"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you — Oprah Winfrey"
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