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Hello everybody and welcome to our Area Tour! Today I will be showing you Zagaleta and we will be talking about why it´s considered to be one of the best urbanizations in Europe! Ill be telling you about stuff that you will not find anywhere else and we will visit several properties in different budgets, like the one behind me listed at 14.5mln euros. Ill talk to you about construction costs to build your own mansion, and we will even take a peek into Villa Cullinan Gardens! After this, you will be an expert in Zagaleta, so you ready!? Let’s go!!… hahaha no intro?! C’mon we still gota stick to the intro´s right!? Try again, get ready, and Let’s go!!


So good morning to everybody! We are all set, nice and early, making our way to Zagaleta!

Zagaleta started its development in the early 90’s, its total size is almost 900 hectares, that’s 9.000.000 square meters of land with full security and detector measures all around the perimeter. It started as a private hunting estate. Now in the current Zagaleta there are 250 properties, including plots, and there are only two accesses, the south, and the north gate both guarded with armed security guards, that are also patrolling the internal roads all the time. There are almost no plots left to build and the tendencies today, are to purchase old houses for demolition or reforms, due to this.

For instance, we have a 4.900.000 euro property with astonishing views on a 6.600m2 plot with a great investment potential. But gladly there´s also a new area to Zagaleta, the last part that is still pending on development, where there are another 60 plots available for future construction and where a six-star luxurious hotel is planned to be developed with its own additional entrance. That would be then the third entrance. Of course, if this hotel is built someday, its currently at a very initial stage, the clients would have very limited access to Zagaleta amenities and Zagaleta in general. The fact that you cannot enter in Zagaleta, is what makes it so highly valued and attracts the wealthiest. There are a million rumours on who lives here, but probably the most known is that Russian president owns a house in Zagaleta and I am sorry to say this, but it’s not true, it’s just a rumour… I’ve been to the house myself and it belongs to a different gentleman.


Zagaleta is divided in different sectors, which go by the letters A, B, C, up to J. And all the roads are named after Spanish painters and compositors such as Manuel de Falla and Claudio Coello. The best sector in terms of views and most expensive medium price levels, is sector H. It’s located at the highest peak of zagaleta and very close to the security. Here mostly all properties are south west orientated enjoying this absolutely amazing views. You can easily see Africa and Gibraltar. Currently several houses are listed in this sector at the 10 to 20million level, I’ll leave a couple links in the description with some of examples of such villas. Of course, you can find astonishing properties in every single sector but here would be gathered the biggest amount of them.


Villa Cullinan

The cheapest villas for sale are just under 2 million. For example, we have a property listed at 1.89mln euros on a plot of 3.850m2, total built size 600m2 with some very nice mountain views. And the most expensive houses are way above 20 and 30 million. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous villa Cullinan that DRUMELIA has exclusively for sale, if not, you have to urgently check out the video! Link in description!

I’ve even been to houses where just the construction budget was over 20 million… and if they were to be listed for sale someday, well we would be probably talking around the 40-50million margin.

I would say that a medium value property in Zagaleta would be around 5-7 million euro. But around 10-15 million you still have a lot of properties, many not for sale of course, so we are talking about a very high-end neighbourhood with owners of over 25 nationalities. The most predominant nationalities though are English, German and North of Europe. And even in todays complicated market, Zagaleta still attracts a huge attention from the prospective buyers, and deals are happening on a constant basis. The most recent examples of sold properties, have been the famous heaven 11 and villa cipres, both above 10mln euros, just to name a few! We have registered a much higher demand in 2020 for Zagaleta, than the previous year, nevertheless of the global situation. This may be because, Zagaleta offers a unique lifestyle that adapts perfectly to today’s tendencies of people moving away from the city life.

The land prices start at just under 1 million euros and can go all the way up to 10 million + for the best plot. And its value comes mainly from the views, and the final flat garden. Not just price per square meters. As its very steep up here, sometimes you get a plot that is 4.000m2 and the flat garden is bigger than in a property with an 8.000m2 plot. The land sizes vary from 3.000m2 up to 15.000m2 approx, plus you have owners that join 2 plots, and the resulting square meters are even higher!

Id like to use this opportunity to show a piece of land that we have for sale in sector A, 5.315m2 listed at 3.300.000 euros with a total building volume of 15% which is 800m2 and check out this sea views! Undoubtedly an interesting project, but you need some good imagination for this and patience, but also a great architect. Here in zagaleta, is has to be Tobal architects. Did you know that Tobal Architects have built to date, 110 villas inside of Zagaleta? (“wow”)… that’s almost 50% of Zagaleta houses. I don’t think anybody else influenced as much on the architecture and tendencies of villa development inside of Zagaleta. And today when we look at zagaleta, in part we see a reflection of Father´s and son work. Miguel and Diego Tobal.


A lot of clients ask us if it’s better to buy a house or to build one. So ill give you a quick and very brief estimation on building costs on this land for example, approximate because real figures depend on a million factors to discuss. 800m2 + basement, that’s around 1.200m2 in total. You’re looking at minimum 2.000 euros per square meter, if you want good quality. So that’s 2.4mln euros, plus retaining wall of around 300 thousand, 100thousand on landscape, lets say another 100 thousand kitchen, furniture I’m not gona mention because it can cost 100 thousand or 1 million, depending on brands and level of equipment. So that’s 2.9mln, but you got to add all the architect’s fees, licences, project management, insurances, geological studies, permits, taxes (thas a big one) and, many many more. Roughly all that will sum to 600 thousand, so we are at total building cost 3.5mln euros and lets say the land for the purpose of the experiment cost us 3mln + taxes and purchase costs as well. So total cost to round it up a little bit, 7mln. That’s without furnitre, and just under 3 years of time don’t forget. Well, you build the house in 18 months, but you’ve got lots of other steps and every single one of them, involves serious time, believe me! We had the pleasure to develop in zagaleta from the ground’s villa Arcadio that won the price of best villa in Europe in 2016 and it is a tough job I tell you, but also very gratifying. Drumelia did the project management and I was at the building site every week for two years! It was an amazing experience! Building can be stressful, and the result depends on you! But, a house such the one I described now in zagaleta with this kind of views, probably could have a realistic selling price just under 10million. Probably listed at a higher price too. So, there you go.

Currently I can count 10 new projects intended for sale, being built or about to start building in this moment. So that’s great news for anybody searching for a new modern house. Of course, they are all modern. Prices vary between 5 and 30million, and the most advanced will be delivered this summer, so stay tuned!

On another note, did you know that all houses are separated by protected nature, with centenary oak trees, where nothing can be built, and these passages are used by animals to walk around all Zagaleta? So your closest neighbour is actually very far away! Which no matter how friendly they are, is always nice!


Villa in La Zagaleta

And yes, the wildlife in Zagaleta is another exciting chapter! While you are driving in your car, you can find a group of deer’s that decided to cross the road or a bunch of wild pigs, so you want to be a bit more careful on the turnings. Its amazing, you feel like you are in a safari! These animals are fed and looked after, and undoubtedly form part of Zagaleta. All villas are fenced, to stop the animals from getting in, but apart from that they can go anywhere they please… And look! We are so lucky to see some right now!! Keep quiet, let’s see if I can get closer… generally they are very accustomed to people, even though they tend to keep away and stick to their business… Beautiful creature and its amazing to have them walking around like that! I am excited, imagine how excited would be a kid!


I know I said that the total area of ZAGALETA is 900 hectares, but to give you a better perspective of the size, you have a total of 50km of roads inside of Zagaleta.. That will give you a nice understanding how big this is! Like a small town all by itself! And like any town it has lots of things to offer!

The most unique one is the club house with two private golf courses, each 18 holes. And its only for members with a membership costs just under 100.000 euros. Pretty expensive right!? So, owning a house in Zagaleta, doesn’t allow you to use the club house and the golf course, for that you need to become a member. You are not obliged at all though. But what if you don’t own a property in Zagaleta and you want to become a member? Is that possible? Yes, it is, if you pay 100.000 euros that is!

So, one way or another, you are ensured to have some interesting golf partners, and generally the club house is known to be the social club of Zagaleta. Its total size is 5.000m2, you’ve got a great restaurant with a five-star service and beautiful views from the terrace… bar, lounges, bowling alley, pro shop, and you can book it for private events, or even a wedding. Of course, only for members. There is also a second club house at the northern part but it’s much smaller, very intimate, and not as used for the moment, but with big plans for the near future!

All the rest amenities can be used by all owners, you have an equestrian center with 20 stables and a riding school for all levels. You’ve got horse riding, hiking and mountain biking trails all around.

Also did you know that there are some apartments inside of zagaleta? Yes, interesting fact, its only around 8 units, between 50 and 150 square meters roughly. They rarely come up for sale, and mainly are used as staff quarters or some private lounge areas, as are next to the club house. Prices can vary from 400 to 900 thousand roughly.

Another interesting fact is that owners are not allowed to build tennis or paddle corts in their residences. This is a rule established by the community. Tennis can be very noisy, there is a lot of echo and the ball hitting can get very annoying. But you have two tennis courts available at the racket club for all residents to enjoy with their friends. There’s also a Helipad available for private arrivals in case you want to come flying from Malaga airport for instance which is only 70km and has great connections with Europe.

Also, Zagaleta service has around 50 staff to make your life easier. Shopping delivered before your arrival, services of nannys, chefs, chofers, cleaning and so many more. You will feel like in a hotel! Even, and I hope not, but If you have a medical urgency, Zagaleta collaborates with local hospitals less than 15km away, that can send a helicopter to take you to a private clinic. So… don’t worry… everything here is under control!


La Zagaleta Golf

Many people don’t realize how close Zagaleta is to everything being so high in the mountains. Well actually its 400meters above sea level. Even though the location of your property inside of zagaleta also plays an important role, as you can be anywhere from 1mint drive to the south entrance, up to 15mint drive if you live at the furthest point. So that is already a big difference. But from the south entrance, you are only 2km away to the closest shops, potentially they are planning to build a school 3km away, even though currently the project stopped, 5km to san pedro town, 7.5km to the beach marble promenades, 9km to the famous Puerto Banus, and 12km to the 5 star Puente Romano beach hotel, set in the heart of the Golden Mile! Currently the closest international school is Colegio Bilingual Atalaya and its 8.5km away and Aloha College is 10km away! So close enough? You decide! I’m just here to open the door into this unique estate.


If you loved the video and you’re looking for more info, you can follow the path to our blog to read more on Zagaleta or check out all the beautiful homes that we have for sale!

Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! Did you like this area tour? Would you like us to do other areas? Which one? Leave us a comment!

Artur Loginov, CEO & Partner

Artur Loginov

CEO & Partner

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